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Hamideh Behgar’s artistic journey began in Iran with a focus on symmetrical, geometrically formed sculptures inspired by nature’s complexity. Moving to Canada, she embraced her new environment and pursued a shift towards creative freedom, breaking away from strict structural forms to more organic ones that embody nature’s spontaneity.
Her art explores human emotions and the pursuit of liberation, drawing from her childhood creativity and her innate connection to the human form. Hamideh’s work fosters interactive experiences, urging viewers to feel and reflect deeply, promoting self-discovery and diverse perspectives through engagement with her sculptures.
Through this artistic philosophy, she encourages a dialogue between art and the viewer, creating an enveloping narrative that lauds the blend of organic forms and creative expression.
Hamideh aspires to create spaces where art is not just observed but felt and experienced, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that spurs people to engage their imaginations and connect with different ideas and emotions. She aims to propel visitors to encounter thoughts and feelings anew, thereby fostering the discovery of fresh perspectives and enriching experiences through her art.
Hamideh Behgar is a multidisciplinary visual artist originally from Iran and currently based in Winnipeg, Canada. She has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Science & Technology in Kish, Iran, earned in 2019, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba School of Art, obtained in 2023. Her artistic practice encompasses a variety of mediums, with a primary focus on sculpture, interactive installations, photography, and design, in addition to ventures into stop-motion animation.
She has contributed to a range of group exhibitions in Canada and Iran, with her latest participation at Nuit Blanche Winnipeg 2023.
With a growing fascination for sculpture and human interaction, Hamideh has embarked on a new venture into public art, which has led her to participate in the CreateSpace Public Art Forum 2024. This step marks her commitment to seeking and embracing opportunities within the sphere of public art.



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